The I <3 My…Trilogy by Sabrina Lacey

The I Love My… Trilogy is the box
set of the entire “I Love My…” romance series. It’s jam-packed with “I Love My
Healed Heart” “I Love My Side of The Story” and “I Love My Fire” —three whole
novels, just shy of 200,000 words! In the intertwining erotic romance stories
of three best friends (Fashion Magazine Assistant Editor Jessica Harper,
Casting Director Amber Monroe, and Passionate Painter Nicole Henry) we fall in
love with their friendships, their quirks, and most of all, their hot as hell
men! Jessica’s been cheated on, Amber’s in a stale relationship, Nicole’s been
single for three years, and against the electric backdrop of New York City,
they battle their way to true love with the help of each other and a loyalty
you will love.
women acted this way across the globe, men would only be able to cheat with
each other because the sisterhood would be so strong.” – Amazon Review
I never thought I’d be the type of girl
to answer a sex ad. They were gross, laughed at, ridiculously disturbing even.
But then there are those posts tonight that cause my mind to question the
masses, the ones that beckon me, like: “Use me like I’m him” and “I’m free of
judgment – and in New York for only one night.” The latter one really catches
my attention.
Why am I looking? Because I am at the
height of my sexual prime and even though my heart hurts from the loser
boyfriend that just under two months ago ended our relationship without my
consent, I want it. Sex. I want a man’s body on top of mine.  I want the pressure of his chest against me –
the weight of him, the smell of him, on top of me. Behind me. Underneath me.
Next. To. Me. 
I want it.  So I answered one.
Will I tell anyone I answered the
ad?  Hell, no. 
While I’m sitting on my couch with my
glass of Pinot Grigio, watching an episode of So You Think You Can Dance, I hear it…the unmistakable sound of an
email alert on my phone. It could be more spam from my credit cards. It could
be a notice that someone liked my post on Facebook (I really need to turn those
alerts off), or it could be my ticket out of this boredom and anger. I consider
waiting for the commercial break to check it… Yeah, right. I reach for the
The email reads, “I loved what you had
to say. You’re really funny. And if those pics you sent are real, I’d love to
meet you. Where are you now?”
My heart starts
to race.
Sabrina Lacey used to shoot photography and for
a while, fashion. She was like Diego, the photographer in I Love My Healed Heart who worked the tents at Fashion Week. It
gave Sabrina all the insight she needed to create a fantastical tale about the
glamorous lives those people don’t really live. 😉 Now she lives in Los
Angeles, CA. with her dog Pippin. He
wouldn’t comment for this bio. He’s an enigma, that one. A tiny, fluffy, white
Maltese, enigma who captured her heart and ran with it. She however would like
to say that she loves you for coming
along for the ride.  Cheers and Happy



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