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Lies & Leather #1
Violetta Rand
Releasing Oct 20th, 2015


Perfect for fans of Joanna Wylde and Monica Murphy, Violetta Rand’s explosive new Lies & Leather series kicks off with a red-hot motorcycle racer who rides hard and plays for keeps.

Twenty-one-year-old Karlie Augustine is a survivor. She’s smart and tough, but she’s in too deep
with a bad boyfriend who isn’t above breaking her spirit—or her body. Luckily, help arrives in the form of a leather-clad, motorcycle-riding hunk on the right side of the law. Lucas Lafontaine is pure muscle, a Corpus Christi cop who ignites something primal deep within Karlie. And when he offers her room and
board in exchange for housekeeping, she finally starts to feel safe again.
As their arrangement turns deliciously decadent, Lucas gets hooked on Karlie’s killer body and fighting spirit. He wants to heal the pain he sees behind her eyes, but to protect her he needs to keep her close, especially now that her psycho ex won’t take a hint. Even as Lucas fights his own battle for custody of
his young son, he knows that what he’s found with Karlie is real—and that he’d do anything to protect the woman he wants to take to the finish line.


This guy is too good to be true. Not only did he manhandle Connor, he makes me laugh. And I can’t stop staring at his perfect face and body. Oh. My. God. He dwarfs me—at least six foot three, shoulders as broad as a Viking’s, and his eyes are chocolate. But it’s his full lips that keep pulling me in—the way they move when he talks, his lopsided, arrogant grin, that pouty lower lip that I just want to nibble on. Totally kissable, and undeniably hot.

He catches me staring again and I quickly avert my eyes. What am I thinking? I just broke up with my boyfriend and I’m already scoping out this guy. What if he thinks I’m a little slut? I’m not; it’s just been so long since I felt butterfly wings flutter inside my stomach because a guy smiled at me. Too long.

Don’t I deserve to feel warm and gooey inside? I want to feel pretty again, desired, and certainly like I’m worth some effort. I don’t know when or how things deteriorated between Connor and me, but I’ve been taken advantage of for too long. Connor hardly notices me anymore, but he used to and I had fallen in love. I guess I stuck around because I believed that if I could help heal his broken heart, things would change. We connected in so many ways—we had both even grown up without fathers—and I truly thought I could give him a reason to be happy. That whole “two broken hearts heal each other” bullshit . . .

Alcohol and drugs robbed me of any chance of getting through to him. He’s numb, so volatile, and snaps at the slightest thing. Like a good puppy, if he kicked me, I came crawling back, begging for a little love and attention.

“Wine cooler or Bud?” Brandon asks.

I return to the present and look at him. “Wine cooler.”

He hands it to me.

“Let me.” Lucas gently removes the bottle from my hand and opens it. “Here.”

A complete gentleman, and just like that, I feel another flutter inside. Shit. “Thank you.”

“So do you have a last name?” he asks.


“Karlie Augustine,” he repeats my name. “Vitals?”

That’s an odd question. “Want my height, weight, and bra size?”

I get a roguish grin. “Only if you’re volunteering.” With that, his gaze flicks down to my breasts.

“I’m a full-time student at Texas A&M.”

“How did you end up with a piece of shit like Seville?”

I knew it would come up eventually and he deserves an answer for rescuing me. “We met at a nightclub a year and a half ago,” I say. “Danced and talked all night. Nothing epic, just a big mistake. Racers have big egos and high expectations.”

“Not all of us,” he assures me.

I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. “And you?”

He sighs. “Really want to know?”

I bite back a smile, half expecting him to say he’s a drug dealer or Special Forces. “Sure do.”

“Corpus Christi Police Department.”

“A cop?” I squint at him, picturing him in uniform. It fits. “No wonder you wrestled Connor to the ground like he weighed nothing.”

“It doesn’t bother you?”

“Should it?” I’m hopelessly focused on those lips again. What’s wrong with me? “Do you abuse your power? Take bribes?” I try to keep a straight face.

“Depends what you’re offering, Karlie.”

My eyebrows pinch together in total shock. He’s flirting with me. “Um . . .” My cell chimes and I take advantage of the diversion, searching for my backpack.

“Right there.” Lucas points.

I kneel, unzip it, and fish out my phone. Marie? I answer.

“Don’t say my name out loud,” she warns.

Like a dummy, I look around us to see if I can spot her. “Where are you?”

“Close enough to see you and the hottie.”


“Notice the way he keeps staring at you?”

My eyes dart to Lucas; he’s drinking his beer.


“Like him?”

“Don’t ask me that; he might hear me.”

I look up again, and there’s a shit-eating grin on his face. “I’m hanging up now.” I disconnect.

“Where’s Marie?” Lucas edges closer.

I feel like an awkward teenager. “Not here.”

“No,” he agrees. “But that was her on the phone.”

He’s standing right in front of me now and I’m staring at his hard chest, wondering what it would feel like to run my hands over his muscular body. “Yes.” I can’t lie to a cop. “Stop using your superpowers on me.” When he’s close, I have to throw my head back to meet his eyes. Shameless as it is, I’m enjoying the banter.

“Not superpowers, just good instincts.”

“Well, quit using those, too.”

He laughs. “You’d have me stripped down to bare bones if you had your way.”

“Maybe stripped,” I say without thinking. I cover my mouth, shocked and ashamed by my own frankness. “Oh God, ignore that last comment.”

His heated gaze sweeps over me, his lazy smile replaced by something sexier. My knees instantly weaken.

“Do I detect sarcasm?” he asks. “Or don’t I want to know?”

“Oh, you’d want to know.”

That elicits a roar; his whole body is convulsing at my expense. “Are you always that spontaneous, Ms. Augustine? Because if you are, you should see the look on your face right now.”

“Let’s just say I’ve always gotten into trouble for speaking my mind so freely.”

“I rather admire it,” he admits. “But I also understand the hazard of being so honest. You’d make a shitty poker player.”

“I’d make a shitty lots of things.”

“Hey.” He snatches my hand, his thumb caressing my palm. “Don’t be so hard on yourself. Didn’t your parents teach you self-respect?”

“I don’t have parents,” I say, matter-of-factly. “You’re looking at a foster-system kid, raised by the State of Texas.”

His features soften. “Sorry, darlin’.”

“Don’t be,” I say, finding my confidence again. “Taxpayers are funding my college tuition.”

He studies me for a long moment in silence; somehow he manages to weave his fingers through mine. “You have delicate hands.”

I nod. That’s always been one of the physical disadvantages holding me back from being a better racer—weak wrists. And my height. “I think big.”

Our gazes meet. “I bet you do,” he says.



Loving Lucas is the first in Violetta Rand’s Lies & Leather series.  I loved the spinoff element of this story.  Lucas is the cousin of Craig Hanson from Rand’s Seduction.  I liked Lucas and Karlie.  Who wouldn’t want to read about a white knight that comes rushing in?  The pace is fast and maybe a tad too much of the instalove but still an enjoyable read.  I’m interested in seeing where this series goes next.



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An environmental scientist by day, Violetta Rand has been in love with writing since childhood. Struck with an entrepreneurial spirit at a young age, she wrote short stories illustrated by her best friend and sold them in her neighborhood. Rand enjoys outdoor activities, music, reading, and losing herself
in the world she brings to life in the pages of her stories. The only thing she loves more than writing is her wonderful relationship with her husband.

Book Blast – MEN OF MERCY by Lindsay Cross

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Men of Mercy #1
Lindsay Cross
Releasing Oct 21st, 2015
Bend Publishing
Hunter James didn’t want or need redemption.
Until one mission turns his world upside down.
He left Mercy to fight for his country and escape a broken heart. Years later, he is hard. Cold. A man without mercy.  Part of an elite Task Force, he tracks a brutal terrorist to his home town. And runs into the woman who betrayed him…
 Evangeline Videl was destroyed when Hunter left. Determined to move on, she finds another man, but discovers too late the monster hidden beneath his smooth smile. Struggling to find the conviction to live, Evie finds her life spinning out of control.
Then Hunter returns…
Forced to band together to find the terrorist before its too late, Hunter and Evie must learn to forgive or risk losing the promise of redemption and their lives…


Men of Mercy #2
Lindsay Cross
Releasing Oct 21st, 2015
Cypress Bend Publishing
Ranger James accepted his best friend’s death like a good soldier. With guilt. Regret. Vengeance. But a
forbidden desire keeps pulling him from his mission…
Desire for his best friend’s widow.
Killed in Action. That’s why Rachel Carter’s husband wasn’t coming home.
A war widow, alone and broke, Rachel struggles to revive her family’s crop dusting service to survive. Now she takes to the skies to find escape. Escape from the pain. From the guilt. From the
earth-shattering desire for her husband’s best friend.
Rachel and Ranger can’t fight the attraction between them any longer. But one fateful night cleaves their new found love in two…
Can they find the will to fight for true love? Or will an evil so shocking destroy their lives for good?


Men of Mercy #3
Lindsay Cross
Releasing Oct 21st, 2015
Cypress Bend Publishing

They say you can’t go home again. Jared Crowe never wanted to.Home meant facing memories of abuse and neglect. Of dark closets and evil nightmares. Of his own relatives intent on killing him. But now his brother’s kidnapping forces him to face those demons. Only
this time, Jared isn’t a scared little boy. He’s a full-grown Special Forces operative bent on revenge.
As a little girl, Sparrow Pickney risked her life to free two abused boys. As a grown woman Sparrow needs to earn a place in her adopted family’s business or be forced into a life of degradation. The
chance to prove her family loyalty comes when she catches Jared spying on the compound and captures him.
When Jared sees his captor, he realizes she’s the girl of his dreams and vows to rescue her from a life of poverty. What Jared doesn’t know is Sparrow may not be the savior he remembers…but the one
responsible for abducting and torturing his brother.

Jared is determined to find the truth. But that truth may be more than his heart can take.



It had been nearly twenty years since he’d seen her, but Jared could never forget those golden eyes. Eyes that had haunted his dreams ever since. Had she joined up with Kay? Or was she simply one of those poor souls struggling to survive?

The thought of Sparrow slowly starving filled him with a sense of guilt. He should have made her leave with them. Even though they’d been children when she’d freed them, Jared had been big enough to drag her out, whether she’d wanted to go or not.

She leaned over him, reaching for his hands. Her floppy hat fell down, blinding her, and she ripped it off and tossed it across the room. Long caramel-colored hair, full of sun-kissed highlights, waterfalled down the sides of her face and tickled his nose. Her scent surrounded him now, flooding his senses. Honeysuckle and wildflowers. His cock swelled in an instant. Jared gnashed his teeth together, trying to quell his intense reaction to her nearness.

Sparrow leaned down further and her loose tank top gaped open, treating him to a glorious view of surprisingly plump breasts cupped in a plain sports bra. His gaze locked onto her beaded nipples through the cotton. Fuck he wanted to rip that bra down and reveal what was hidden beneath. The loose manly clothes she wore made her look stick thin, but womanly curves were concealed beneath them.

Sparrow sighed and sat up straight, leaving rope dangling uselessly on his wrists. Jared gripped the metal headboard with his hands, waiting for her next move. She stood there for a moment and studied him, trying to decide what to do. Well, he wasn’t going to help her out one little bit.

“Keep your hands right there, got it?” Her voice was stern.

“Yes ma’am.” He had no intention of acting up. Yet.

She placed a knee on the mattress, and in one swift movement straddled him, settling on his belly. Jared groaned and closed his eyes thankful she hadn’t sat down lower on his body; otherwise, she would have gotten her own surprise. She leaned over him spreading her knees wider up his chest. His eyes popped open, unable to resist another view of her bare skin.

“You can stop with the theatrics right now, I know I’m not big enough to crush you.”

If only that were his problem. Her shirt dipped down even more and he fixated on the pale mounds of her breasts straining against the material of her sports bra. It was a crime to lock those beauties up in serviceable cotton.

She should wear nothing but pure silk and lace, perfect for him to rip off her body.

Her hair curtained around him again, and her soft lips parted in concentration as she worked. He was aware of every inch of exposed skin—from the graceful hollow of her neck to her supple forearms peeking out from the rolled up sleeves of her checkered work shirt. Even more aware of the intense heat radiating from her core, pressed so intimately to his chest.

“There. All done.” She sat back, a satisfied smile on her lips.

Jared tugged on the rope. He’d completely zoned out on anything other than her straddling him. It didn’t give an inch—the knot she’d tied was worthy of a professional. A small ounce of foreboding seeped into him. “Where did you learn to tie knots?”

“Trapping. Working snares. Been doing it since I was a kid.” Her words were so matter-of-fact, he had no doubt she spoke the truth. Holy shit. He yanked on the ropes, but they didn’t move.

“Impressive.” Jared wriggled his fingers and wrists, testing for any weakness. He found none.

“Might as well stop struggling. Nobody’s ever been able to get out of one of my knots. And I used my new rope too, so it wouldn’t snap easy.” She made a snapping motion with her fingers, the emphasis driving in just how stupid his plan had been. He should have used that easy opening she’d given him with the gun.

His foreboding turned to real worry. He had to get out of here to rescue his brother. Hoyt’s life depended on him. If he couldn’t get free… “Nice, now what?”

“Now you tell me who you are and why you’re here.” Sparrow sat back on her heels, the curve of her ass grazing the tip of his cock. He clenched his muscles, fighting to free himself from the pull of lust.

Remember, you’re the soldier trained in interrogation techniques. Now he just had to stop thinking with his dick for long enough to find out where Hoyt was being held. “My name is Jake.”

She tapped her chin, staring down at him.  Once again he was enthralled by the intense color of her eyes. They were golden, almost like a cat’s, with a darker brown ring around the edges. “Jake. You don’t look like a Jake.”

He enjoyed hearing the name on her lips. Would enjoy hearing his real name even better. Her soft accent and long vowels stretched it out slow. Sensual. “And what do I look like?”

“I don’t know. Killer? Tiger?”

“That’s what people name their cats.”

“True. Why are you here?”
“Why did you take me hostage?” he countered.

“You were spying on my family. Only our enemies do that.” She shifted, brushing against his tip again. Fuck he wanted to rip free of these bonds and throw her down beneath him. Where was his detached logic now? Something about her was making him lose control.

“I have no interest in you. I was looking for a family member who went missing, know anything about that?” He studied her reaction intently, watching for any flash of awareness, but she didn’t give away anything.

“Haven’t seen anybody new around here in a long time, and I would know. Sorry, but you plopped down on the wrong piece of land.”

“He told me he was coming here.” Not really, but Jared knew without the slightest shred of doubt that Hoyt had been taken by the Crowes. Miss Kay wanted to finish what she had started all those years ago, even if Jared didn’t know why. It was bad enough his parents had died when Jared was only nine, Hoyt six, but to have his aunt try to murder them….

Jared yanked on the bonds again, testing the bed frame. It screeched but held firm. Shit.

“What does he look like?” Every time Sparrow moved or shifted he felt her. Desire was holding him hostage as much as the damn ropes. Got to get free. Got to find Hoyt.

“What do I get if I tell you?”

“What do you get? You get to live.” Her brows shot down as if confused.

“You won’t kill me.”

“Try me.”

“How about we make a little trade—you give me something, I give you something.”

“Give? What do you want?” She laid her palms on her thighs, kneeling over his body, the position incredibly erotic.

Blushing aside, maybe she wasn’t so innocent after all. He had a plan and she was part of it. He knew he could get more information out of Sparrow than her giant ass brother. And he’d find it a hell of a lot more enjoyable too. “Kiss me.”

She stopped moving all together and her eyes narrowed in on his mouth.

“Give me a kiss and I’ll sing like a bird.”

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Lindsay Cross is the award-winning author of the Men of Mercy series. She is the fun loving mom of two beautiful daughters and one precocious Great Dane. Lindsay is happily married to the man of her dreams – a soldier and veteran. During one of her husband’s deployments from home, writing became her escape and motivation.
An avid reader since childhood, reading and writing is in her blood. After years of reading, she discovered her true passion – writing. Her alpha military men are damaged, drop-dead gorgeous and determined to win the heart of the woman of their dreams.

Release Launch – CRAVE by JC Emery



CRAVE (Bayonet Scars, No. 5.5)


Elle Phillips’s relationship with the Forsaken Motorcycle Club is strained, much like the relationship she had with her father, a Forsaken brother, before he died. The only piece of Forsaken that Elle wants to hold onto is their sergeant-at-arms and her former lover, Sterling “Bloody Knuckles” Grady. Unfortunately, Grady’s moved on and he doesn’t seem to be coming back. With her heart hurting over one man who’s died and another who’s practically dead to her, Elle throws herself into her work as a private investigator and tries to keep a low profile where the club’s concerned. But when a case comes along that she can’t refuse, she finds herself embroiled in club business in a way that leaves her questioning everything she thought she knew about Forsaken.

Diesel knows that keeping tabs on Elle Phillips is going to bring him trouble. He already loves her even though he barely knows her, but when Grady asks Diesel to keep her safe, he can’t say no. His patience has run out and he’s going to do anything to get Elle to realize he’s the man she’s been craving— even going behind the club’s back to help her solve a case she shouldn’t be working.

Real love is always the cure.



About the author:

As a child, JC was fascinated by things that went bump in the night. As they say, some things never change. Now, as an adult, she divides her time between the sexy law men, mythical creatures, and kick-ass heroines that live inside her head and pursuing her bachelor’s degree in English. JC is a San Francisco Bay Area native, but has also called both Texas and Louisiana home. These days she rocks her flip flops year round in Northern California and can’t imagine a climate more beautiful.

JC writes adult, new adult, and young adult fiction. She dabbles in many different genres including science fiction, horror, chick lit, and murder mysteries, yet she is most enthralled by supernatural stories– and everything has at least a splash of romance.

website  **  twitter  **  Facebook  **  Amazon Author Page  **  Goodreads


Entangled Brazen Blitz – TEMPTING THE NEW BOSS by Angela Claire

If you like your heroes hot, the sex hotter, and a swoon-worthy romance to swoop in and save your happily ever after, Brazen has the story for you. Sinfully sexy soldiers. Alpha cops who demand control. Sweet guys with a naughty side in the bedroom. At Brazen, they’ve got the hero destined to melt your… heart. Visit the Entangled website, follow them on Twitter, Like their Facebook page, and follow them on Pinterest.
Today’s featured read:
Tempting the New Boss by Angela Claire

When Camilla Anderson loses her job just as a position at Talbot Inc. opens up, there’s no way she’s questioning the lucky break. Working for the quirky, reclusive CEO will pay off her student loans within a year, and they’re flying to Europe in his private jet.

Mason Talbot isn’t good at talking to women. Well, to anyone, really. But when his new lawyer boards his plane, biology kicks in. But he can’t tell if her adverse reaction is to him or his painfully awkward attempts at flirting.

As the flight gets bumpier, Mr. High IQ gets calmer. And…he holds her hand? Maybe the guy is redeemable after all. As soon as they land, she’ll have to teach her endearingly awkward new boss how to seduce a girl properly.

That is, if they don’t die in a fiery plane crash first.



About Angela Claire

Angela Claire, like most writers, grew up loving to read, which led to a degree in English literature, which in turn led to unemployment. Not having been born to wealth, Angela developed a more practical plan for eating and paying her rent—hence the dreaded and expected descent into law school and inevitable career as a lawyer. Once she paid off her pesky yet massive student loans, Angela saved for an escape from the law profession one day. Now a multi-published author, she does what she loves, but with a little less leeway on the eating and paying rent thing. She is represented by Kerry D’Agostino at Curtis Brown, LTD.

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