Once More With Feeling by Megan Crane


She’s suffered the very worst of
 And now Sarah’s facing a divorce she never expected.With Christmas round the corner, what better time tore-evaluate her life? As she reconsiders every choice

she’s made, she starts to wonder if her life was so

perfect after all.

This winter, lose yourself in Sarah’s world of unmade

decisions, lost friends and old flames…



It could be worse.
I made the words my
mantra.  A daily chant, an
affirmation—and the best
part was that it was true.
It could, in fact, always be worse.
Pestilence.  Famine. 
Disease.  Death.
Any of those were
much worse, obviously, than my own puny little grief.
There were so many
people who got divorced.  Many of them
had no idea
that their marriages were even in trouble until it was all
over, just like me.  I
wasn’t the only one, the only fool.  I couldn’t be.  Just like I couldn’t possibly be
the only one with the great misfortune to come home
unexpectedly and find her
spouse in bed with someone else.  


It could be
worse.  Couldn’t it?


Megan Crane is a New Jersey native who had great plans to star
on Broadway, preferably in Evita,
just like Patti LuPone. Sadly, her inability to wow audiences with her singing
voice required a back up plan. Accordingly, she graduated from Vassar College
and got her MA and PhD in literature from the University of York in England.
She wrote her doctoral dissertation on AIDS literature, mostly so she could
wallow in her obsession with the remarkable multi-media artist David
Wojnarowicz and her idol, the bitter and hilarious David Feinberg. After many
years in the rain and subject to the whim of seasons, she followed the sun to
Los Angeles, where she lives with a dog, a cat, two crazy kittens, and an
artist named Jeff. She is still plotting her Broadway debut.





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